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The Port of Kingston over the last decade has undergone bold transformative developments, all with the intention of achieving its goal of becoming a global logistics hub. This ambitious task is to improve liner connectivity from the port to major international mark destinations in the North, South and Latin American regions. This is being achieved by capitalizing on the countries geographic location and utilizing a logistics centered model for the operations of the port. In light of these developments, the port has improved its offerings to include value-added services focused around efficient cargo management. These developments are in conjunction with a thirty-year port management agreement by global terminal operator’s CMA CGM GROUP at a deal valued US$265 million. Whereby a multiple port infrastructural development and dredging has been conducted at to the port in order to accommodate the increased arrival of larger vessels traversing through the recently expanded Panama Canal. As a testament to the efficient vessel terminal operations at the port Zim integrated shipping lines have been using the Port of Kingston as its designated liner hub.

Technological advancements have been a critical platform for the development of the port, whereby the port administrators along with the government of Jamaica in collaboration with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently has implemented the most advanced customs operation software within the Caribbean region (ASYCUDA) at the port. This automated enhanced cargo clearance system facilitates the swift movement of goods going through the port whether for the local market or for transshipment to international markets.  The benefits derived for shippers using the Port of Kingston since the implementation of the software include, significantly reduced cargo traffic at the ports container terminals, improved supply chain visibility for cargo interests, along with improved shipment turnaround time for shipping lines.

In anticipation of a projected increase of shipping and cargo traffic throughout the Caribbean region in connection to the expansion of the Panama Canal. The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) led the charge of promoting the Port of Kingston as an internationally recognized and competent bunkering location. Where in ancillary services including ship handling, repair and maintenance will be afforded for ships using the port which will be made readily available on request.

Importantly to further attract shipping lines to make calls to the Port of Kingston. Ships in need of critical structural repairs or book for scheduled maintenance while at the port or in transit to the Port of Kingston. The MAJ has supported the establishment of a floating dry dock service at the port which is aiming to provide the timely repair of ship hulls and other ship maintenance to the standards of international classification societies. These combine port developments are executed so as to ensure that the reputation of the Port of Kingston is cemented as the leading maritime center for the Latin American and Caribbean region while providing vigorous competition for rivaling ports at the same time offering a lucrative and efficient choice for shipping lines and cargo interests.

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