CMA CGM innovative solution for container tracking


As the first company that has invested in TRAXENS, participating in its development, CMA CGM has carried out several and numerous tests of the unique solution of this French startup. Today, the Group has decided to implement it on a larger scale and make it available to all CMA CGM customers.

Optimized management at each step of transport

TRAXENS by CMA CGM is a fixed connected box in the container that allows to measure:

The position of the containers, anywhere, either at sea or on land
The intensity of potential shocks
Variations of outside temperature – and soon humidity and temperature inside the container
Opening and closing of the doors
Thanks to its alert system in almost real time, the Group’s customers can efficiently track their merchandise and thus be more reactive in each step of the transport. Supply chain management is facilitated through an intuitive and easy-to-use online interface updated in real time.

A personalized support service adapted to the needs of customers

To enable supply chain optimization, TRAXENS from CMA CGM can offer a complete diagnostic offer. In addition to the data transferred, a project team follows and supports clients in the analysis of their data. The companies that opt ​​for TRAXENS of CMA CGM will be able to identify the logistical difficulties and implement concrete solutions to optimize costs and security.

On this occasion, Mathieu Friedberg, Senior Vice President of the Commercial and Agency Network, stated: “CMA CGM reaffirms its Customer Centricity Strategy by offering this innovative solution, with almost 19 million containers transported in 2017, the generalization of smart containers in The Group’s fleet will allow us to collect and analyze a large amount of information necessary to improve the service offered to customers and help them optimize their supply chain. “

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