VIDEO: VLOC ship collision with Evergreen container ship in Taiwan


Today we bring you this shocking video of a mineral transporter ship operated by China Steel Corporation of Taiwan that collides with a Postanmax container ship from Evergreen in the port of Kaohsiung.

The viral video on Facebook shows the giant 206,600 metric tons of China Steel Innovator hitting the 8,452 TEU Ever Laden container ship in port.

The mineral transporter dropped both anchors to avoid the collision, while a tugboat also tried to stop the vessel but eventually failed. Both the ships and the tugboat were damaged, although it was not reported whether there was any injury or fatality in the incident.

Preliminary investigations by the Kaohsiung Port Authority found that China Steel Innovator had difficulty maneuvering and that the ship was prohibited from leaving the port until the inspections were completed.

Video courtesy of Pyae Phyo Thant’s Facebook channel

Another video of a different position from a Coast Guard boat can be found at the following link:

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