ZIM, Maersk Line and MSC New cooperation in Transpacific route

By, Henderson. J. (2018)


ZIM Integrated Shipping Services and the members of 2M Alliance, Maersk Line and the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) announced today a new strategic cooperation in the East Coast of Asia and the United States.

Moreover, as of September 2018, the three companies will operate five routes between Asia and the east coast of the United States. ZIM will operate one route and 2M will operate four, and the parties will exchange spaces on their ships on all routes.

Therefore, the new cooperation offers ZIM customers a more complete portfolio of products. With a wider range of direct arrivals in Asia and the USA UU And a faster transit time. In addition, it is expected to generate cost efficiencies for ZIM Integrated Shipping Services.

Additionally, Eli Glickman, president and CEO of ZIM, said: “We are pleased to participate in this strategic operational cooperation with 2M Alliance.

“The agreement will significantly improve our services in this important business, where we continue to be an important player.” It is a vote of confidence from the two main players in the industry, recognizing the capabilities, reliability and strength of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services.

Finally, Mr Glickman said: “In addition, it will allow ZIM to achieve operational efficiencies and guarantee our ability to maintain a leading position in the trade.”


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