COLOMBIA: New Super Post Panamax STS cranes arrive at Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura



New STS cranes Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura: Within the framework of its expansion plan, the Port terminal of Buenaventura, SPB (Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura), in addition to the construction of a new warehouse and the expansion of a container yard, three port cranes are also part “Ship to shore” (STS) Super Post Panamax and six RTG yard cranes.

The STS port cranes were acquired in China from the company ZPMC and brought in the ship Zhen Hua 8 that arrived in the morning of last Monday, August 6, at the port of Buenaventura.


These electric cranes have a capacity of 65 tons under Spreader and 81 tons under hook, 61 meters of horizontal reach (23 rows in ship) and 45 above the deck of the ship (09 high cube containers) with high tide and 18 meters under deck.

The six yard RTG cranes are hybrid of the house KALMAR, have a capacity of stacking 6 + 1 containers vertically and 41 tons.

With this investment, Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura seeks to continue leading the operation of its competition in the bay, TCBuen and Aguadulce.

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