Yang Ming: 15.000 TEU LNG fuel powered vessels on orderbook

Taiwan shipping companies report revenue growth

Alphaliner reports that Keelung, Taiwan-based Far East Shipping Line Yang Ming is preparing to build five new 15,000 TEU vessels for its dual-propelled Liquefied Natural Gas LNG fuel powered ships for its containerized cargo transport services.

The maritime consultancy reports that Taiwan’s second-largest ocean carrier disclosed the decision in a filing to the country’s TWSE stock exchange late last week. In his statement, Yang Ming confirmed that the management had opted for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) dual-fuel vessels, which is a first for the company. Until now, Yang Ming had been quite reluctant to take a step towards alternative fuels.

Apparently, Alphaliner mentions, Yang Ming’ has not yet signed firm orders with a shipyard, but the carrier is believed to be in negotiations. The TWSE disclosure did not mention any planned delivery dates, but the shipping line will likely have to wait until 2025, unless it finds a shipyard that can still offer spaces for 2024.

In terms of price, maxi-NPX LNG-powered tonnage will currently cost around USD 180M per ship, depending on shipyard, specification and delivery space.
At around 15,000 teu, the new vessels would be Yang Ming’s largest. Ranked ninth among global container lines with a fleet capacity of 664,000 teu, the Taiwanese carrier is the largest carrier not to deploy any megamax tonnage, adds Alphaliner.

Finally, Alphaliner reports that Yang Ming’s largest vessels today are a fleet of 20 Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese-built maxi-NPX ships of over 14,000 TEUs, collectively referred to as the “W-class” of container ships.

Source: Alphaliner

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