WMU Launches Maritime Energy Postgraduate Diploma by Distance Learning

World Maritime University offers groundbreaking education for the Maritime future

Today, 5 March 2019, the World Maritime University is launching a new, ground-breaking Postgraduate Diploma programme on Maritime Energy by distance learning. The Maritime Energy programme takes a holistic approach from ships to ports and shipyards, combining innovative technical solutions with a socio-economic-environmental perspective.

“The 2015 Paris Agreement and new IMO greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) Strategy require a significant reduction in GHG to be achieved over the coming decades, reaching zero emissions of CO2 before the end of this century,” said Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, WMU’s President. “The University takes very seriously our commitment to do all we can to assist IMO member States to implement the IMO regulations to reduce sulphur oxides emissions from ships, thereby working to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 7, ensuring affordable and clean energy for all and Goal 13, taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Our Maritime Energy postgraduate diploma programme is intended to help achieve this important objective.”

Professor Aykut Ölçer, Head of Maritime Energy Management, and also Director of Maritime Research, added: “Industry and governments around the world are all engaged in the international effort to battle climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutants, sea-level rise and weather-pattern changes. At the same time, there is constant pressure towards cost-efficiency and market competitiveness. The knowledge to be gained from this Postgraduate Diploma is directly applicable by companies seeking innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions that offer a competitive advantage and help achieve a low carbon and energy efficient maritime future.”

The programme is designed for people with a technical profile (e.g. naval architects, deck officers and engineers, surveyors etc.) as well as other maritime professionals. It carries 40 European credits, and can be completed over a single year, or spread over three years. It is comprised of five modules. The content of the programme is constantly updated to ensure relevance and topicality. For full details, including content, calendar, fees and payment system, and to apply for admission, please visit pgdme.wmu.se/.

Source WMU

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