VIDEO: Salvage operation of Stranded Ship In Barranquilla Colombia

Salvage Operation Ship stranded Bocas de Ceniza Barranquilla Colombia

Once the tropical storm ‘Gonzalo` had passed and after 11 days of the grounding of the chemical ship “Nórdic Wolverine”, with Norwegian flag, at 6:35 p.m. This Wednesday underwent the salvage operation of the stranded ship, thus ending the emergency in Bocas de Ceniza, in the Port of Barranquilla, Colombia.

The final maneuver began with the intervention of 4 tugboats and lasted approximately 18 hours. The ship ran aground at the western cutwater, kilometer zero at the entrance to Bocas de Ceniza, delta of the Magdalena River in the Caribbean Ocean.

The vessel, contained 5,200 tons of chemicals, stored in 9 compartments. Tugs from Cartagena, Santa Marta, and a special one from the United States were brought in for the rescue. In addition to experts who came from Argentina and Panama. The ship will be transferred to safe waters in the Caño Dulce sector to assess the damage to the boat and to make a final diagnosis.

“In the maneuver, all the technological and personnel capabilities were available, in addition to constant supervision and verification of security measures to safeguard human life at sea and protect the marine environment. The correct inter-institutional coordination between Dimar, the Navy Nacional, the local authorities, the practical pilots who operated the tugs and the Maritime Guild in general, made this possible, “said a statement from the National Navy published by El Tiempo.

Operations in the port remain restricted until the conditions of the area are analyzed, through bathymetries in the area, which allow verifying the status of the access channel and determining the new authorized draft.

Source El Tiempo

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