VIDEO: Buenaventura Colombia, condition of the hospital ship after the looting

Foto: El Tiempo

VIDEO: Buenaventura Colombia, condition of the hospital ship after the looting

The Hospital ship San Raffaelle donated by Japan to Colombia and working in health missions in far areas  from the depressed Colombian Pacific had returned to the port of Buenaventura Colombia  five days ago to resupply and leave on August 15 for a new medical mission. But that is hardly going to happen. On the night of Saturday, July 25, ten armed men entered the ship and took everything: the medical supplies donated by Japan, four computers and even the home theater and the DVD, the only entertainment that the doctors had inside the ship.

These are the images of how the ship was after the looting:


The criminals subdued the two guards who were guarding the boat and attacked them with firearms, so both had to be taken to the emergency department due to the contusions after the thieves’ blows. One of them received sutures for the wounds.

According to the director of the foundation, both guards are very nervous about what happened and are afraid to return.

The robbery is calculated, until now, between about 90.000 USD . The hospital ship has been on this dock for about four years, Posso said, and it is the first time that such an event has occurred.

The ship’s functions are directed towards the population of the Colombian Pacific that does not have access to medicines or medical consultations and that now, due to the quarantine decreed by the National Government, cannot leave their populations to access medical consultations.

“15 days ago we had returned from the mission with the population of the San Juan river coastline. 1,895 people were attended. We went out again on August 15 to Guapi and Carmel. Honestly this plan falls apart, because one of the engines of the auxiliary boat was stolen, as well as laboratory equipment that is also essential, ”said Posso.

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