VIDEO: Container ship runs aground in Bocas de Ceniza Colombia

Marfret Marajo encallado en Bocas de Ceniza Cortesía: Camila Patiño

According to, a multipurpose Container ship owned by the french Shipping line Marfret ran aground in Bocas de Ceniza, Colombia with a draft of 6.8 meters.


A new emergency registered in the port of Barranquilla after the ship ran aground near la piña del tajamar occidental, in the Bocas de Ceniza sector.

The container ship which ran aground is the ‘Marfret Marajo’, built-in 2008 and sailing under the French flag. With a cargo capacity of 1,691 containers, a draft of 6.8 meters, LOA of (length) of 170 meters and its width (beam) of 27.2 meters.

The motor ship was stranded in the same sector where the ship ‘Beceña’ ran aground and sank several years ago. The ships ‘Cala Panama’ and ‘Nordic Wolverine’ also ran aground at the same site. Through the General Maritime Directorate, the investigations on the causes of this new grounding are coordinated and, in addition, the rescue work to be carried out.

According to the zonacero, they consider it is an outrageous situation for the port of Barranquilla, because it is a reflection of the lack of planning by the Findeter – Cormagdalena Autonomous corporation, in charge of managing the dredging of Bocas de Ceniza in recent years.

Local port sector representatives do not understand why if the Bocas de Ceniza channel has a width of 500 meters, only the ‘technicians’ of both entities have designed a channel for 180 meters and with a curve that puts The maneuvers at serious risk, generating situations like the one that occurred this Monday.

The narrow, dangerous and questionable channel designed by Findeter and Cormagdalena in Bocas de Ceniza. Photo: Zone Cero
The narrow, dangerous and questionable channel designed by Findeter and Cormagdalena in Bocas de Ceniza. Photo: Zone Cero

In the past, with its natural width, the navigable channel was perfectly designed for the simultaneous entry and exit of ships. Something nos happening nowadays.


So much so that the same dredger that carries out maintenance work has had serious problems that it has managed to overcome due to its maneuverability and technical capacity.

However, the danger remains for the rest of the maneuvers and this will continue to be another big issue for the port of Barranquilla.


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