HMM Test Voyage with Sustainable Green Marine Biofuel

Foto: HMM

According to sources, in a pioneering move towards environmental sustainability, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) recently embarked on another milestone voyage utilizing eco-friendly marine biofuel. The South Korean shipping giant conducted a trial run of sustainable marine biofuel on its 6,350 TEU vessel, the HYUNDAI TACOMA.

The vessel operates within HMM’s exclusive ‘FIL’ service, facilitating connections between the Far East, India, and Latin America. During a scheduled stop at Busan New Port, HMM’s ship underwent a refueling process with a special biofuel blend, supplied by GS Caltex. This innovative blend comprised 30% biodiesel derived from used cooking oil and 70% high-sulfur fuel oil (HSFO).

GHG reduction compatible with existing ship engines

According to HMM, this strategic choice of biofuel results in a remarkable 24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fuels, underlining its potential for contributing to a more sustainable future for the maritime industry. One of the significant advantages of this biofuel is its compatibility with existing ship engines, eliminating the need for costly technological modifications.

HMM envisions a gradual expansion of biofuel usage, aiming to reach approximately 5-10% of the carrier’s annual fuel consumption. The company’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident as they continue to seek innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint and become a leading carrier in addressing climate issues. HMM expressed its vision, stating, “We continue to find a way to go green, making meaningful progress toward a carbon-free future. To this end, we will seek to enhance our environmental competence and thereby be positioned as a top-rated carrier in responding to climate issues.”

MOU with GS Caltex

This recent endeavor follows HMM’s earlier steps towards sustainable shipping practices. In April of the previous year, HMM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with GS Caltex to secure a consistent supply of marine biofuels. Furthermore, they completed their first test voyage with biofuel on the 13,100 TEU ship HMM DREAM, using a 20% biofuel blend based on very low-sulfur fuel oil.

Newbuilding contracts

HMM’s commitment to sustainable operations extends beyond biofuels. In February of this year, the company signed newbuilding contracts for nine 9,000 TEU methanol-powered vessels from Hyundai Samho and HJ Shipbuilding. They also reinforced their partnership with LOTTE Fine Chemical to explore feasible solutions within the ammonia supply chain. Additionally, HMM is preparing for operational tests of an onboard carbon capture system for its containerships, further solidifying their commitment to a more sustainable maritime industry.

Sources: Alphaliner, HMM

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