Hannover Shipping Company Expands Vital Panama – Venezuela Service

New shipping service route between USA, Colombia, Venezuela, and Central America

In a strategic move to enhance its Panama – Venezuela shipping route, Colon-based container line Hannover Shipping Company (HSC) has amplified its service by introducing a second, significantly larger vessel, the 642 TEU ELLA Y. The newcomer to the industry, HSC, initiated its operations in May, connecting Panama with Venezuela using the 210 TEU sea-river multi-purpose cargo vessel TOPAZ NEVA, according to Alphaliner.

The ELLA Y, a vessel with a substantial capacity of 642 TEU, was originally constructed in 1996 in South Korea under the name Dong Young’s Shipping PEGASUS PENNANT. Having undergone subsequent name changes, including MO- ROTAI and DIANA K, the vessel seamlessly transitioned into the HSC fleet in Colon on October 31.

Since its inception, HSC’s Panama – Venezuela service has been pivotal for trade in the region. Notably, the company expanded its service to include Cartagena in Colombia in October, further solidifying its presence in the vital maritime corridor.

The route, with departures scheduled every ten days, encompasses key ports such as Colon, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, El Guamache (on inducement), Cartagena (Col), and Colon. This expansion reflects HSC’s commitment to meeting growing demand and facilitating efficient maritime connections between these important trade hubs.

The introduction of the ELLA Y not only signifies an increase in cargo capacity but also enhances the overall efficiency of the Panama – Venezuela route. With the addition of this larger vessel, HSC aims to accommodate the escalating demand for reliable and robust shipping services in the region. The company’s strategic decision to bolster its fleet demonstrates a forward-looking approach to meeting the evolving needs of the shipping industry and fostering economic ties between Panama, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Source: Alphaliner

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