COSCO Shipping receives methanol-ready multi-purpose ship


According to sources, In a significant stride towards bolstering its maritime capabilities, COSCO Shipping Special Carriers proudly announces the latest addition to its fleet – the second 68,000-ton ice-class multi-purpose pulp ship, christened the “Green Kotka.” The ship’s unveiling marks a remarkable achievement in modern shipping technology and sustainable practices.

Constructed under the expert craftsmanship of the Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. (DACKS) shipyard, the Green Kotka stands as a testament to innovation and versatility in maritime engineering.

Navigating Polar Waters with Ease

The Green Kotka has been meticulously designed to thrive in polar regions, boasting efficient maneuverability and a robust ice-class structure. This enables it to confidently traverse even the most challenging waters while accommodating an array of cargo, ranging from wind power units to locomotives and various goods of diverse dimensions.

With an impressive length of 226.8 meters, a width of 32.26 meters, and a molded depth of 19.3 meters, the ship promises optimal performance. It possesses a commendable design speed of 14.8 knots, and its classification includes the CCS B1 ice area symbol and category C polar certificate – permitting seamless navigation through open waters and ice-laden oceans with ice layers measuring less than 80 cm.

Unrivaled Cargo Handling

The Green Kotka’s deck has been meticulously tailored for efficient loading and unloading operations. It is outfitted with four single-unit cranes that exhibit exceptional capacity, catering to the needs of pulp customers and effortlessly transporting sizable equipment such as wind power units and locomotives.

In a bid to ensure the secure transportation of new energy vehicles, an innovative “one-to-one” temperature detection and early warning system have been ingeniously integrated into the ship’s design. This feature, alongside its strict adherence to the environmental standards outlined by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, as well as the stringent green ship criteria established by the China Classification Society (CCS), underscores COSCO Shipping’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and ecological stewardship.

Pioneering Sustainable Fuel Solutions

A beacon of sustainable shipping, the Green Kotka embraces advanced methanol fuel-related systems, exemplifying COSCO Shipping’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. In recognition of its groundbreaking approach, the ship proudly holds the coveted methanol dual-fuel AIP (Approval in Principle) certificate, heralding a new era of environmentally conscious maritime operations.

Following its loading with a diverse range of cargo, the Green Kotka will embark on a voyage to Victoria Harbor, marking the next chapter in COSCO Shipping’s pursuit of excellence.

The delivery of the Green Kotka follows closely on the heels of the inaugural vessel from this series – the Green Kemi – which made its debut just last month.

With a clear vision set on establishing a world-class pulp fleet, COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers is steadfast in its mission to cultivate a diverse array of multi-purpose pulp ships. This strategic initiative encompasses various tonnage alternatives, including 68,000 tons, 72,000 tons, 77,000 tons, and 85,000 tons, promising a vibrant and thriving future for maritime transport.

Source:,, COSCO Shipping

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