COLOMBIA: New logistics distribution center in the Port of Cartagena


With the aim of consolidating products from different sources, offering logistic solutions tailored to each client, reducing transit times, increasing dispatch frequencies, reducing operational and administrative costs, among other aspects that favor the competitiveness and logistics of the Colombian foreign trade, the Port of Cartagena Group puts into operation a new International Logistics Distribution Center – CDLI- which has 22,000 m2.

With the new winery, the storage area available to the Cartagena Port Group amounts to 45,000 m2 to provide customers with a broad portfolio of value-added services and thus remain a port reference for Colombia and the Caribbean.

The CDLI are places authorized by the DIAN to provide logistic services and storage of goods inside the ports, from where they undergo different processes of conservation, conditioning, packaging, classification, among others and enjoy benefits such as maintaining the inventory of merchandise with regional destination for up to one year with automatic extension of one more year without customs regime, in addition to nationalizing or re-boarding for convenience for the same period of time, partial nationalization of the cargo at convenience, enlistment of the cargo for re-shipment, international distribution , etc.

The value-added services offered by the port in these warehouses include:

 Conservation and maintenance of cargo
 Packaging and repackaging
 Inventory management and classification
 Sending reports
 Taking imprints and serials, depending on the type of cargo.
 Classification, marking and labeling.
 Improvement of the presentation.
 Collection.
 Preparation for distribution.
 Labeling service

An eco-friendly construction
In 2018, the construction of this distribution center began, which also has 1,000 m2 of offices and the same structural, aesthetic and functional standards of the existing buildings in the Contecar terminal.

The new CDLI will have photovoltaic cells for the supply of electric current, in pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The technology of the materials used has the ability to reduce the temperature inside the cellar up to 7 ° C. It also has natural lighting to take full advantage of sunlight and a natural ventilation system that allows an air renewal every 4 hours.

Within the framework of the Port of Cartagena Group’s commitment to energy efficiency policies and the use of renewable energy sources, 6,000 solar panels will be installed on the winery’s deck, which can generate 2.2 Mwatts of energy.

With the same sustainability criteria, this CDLI will have a rainwater collection system.

Decathlon and Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel, a German company that operates the new CDLI of the Port of Cartagena Group, awarded a five-year contract to Decathlon, a company dedicated to the marketing of sportswear and articles.

Jon Hernaez, Director of Supply Chain of Decathlon for LATAM, indicates that “the Cartagena distribution center connects our customers with our offer of unique products in terms of value and price. The first commercial tests conducted in Colombia, Mexico and Chile confirmed the attractiveness of the area and the good reception of our offer. Kuehne + Nagel seemed to be the ideal ally to join us in this adventure for its leading position and its experience with the port of Cartagena and throughout the region. ”

Ingo Goldhammer, President of Kuehne + Nagel South and Central America comments: “We are pleased to serve Decathlon and its customers by providing our knowledge in the international supply chain. Kuehne + Nagel has managed to become a benchmark in the Colombian and regional market for providing innovative logistics solutions with high quality standards for key companies in different industries, teamwork between Decathlon, Grupo Puerto de Cartagena and
Kuehne + Nagel, as well as innovation in logistics and customs processes, have been a fundamental part of this project. ”

Aníbal Ochoa, representative of the commercial management of the Port of Cartagena Group, adds: “Working together with Kuehne + Nagel, we are demonstrating that Cartagena becomes an ideal logistics platform that fosters socio-economic development and trade in the Caribbean region “.

The warehouse in Cartagena will handle more than 15,000 product references and will have more than 25,000 dynamic positions, in addition to a three-level mezzanine with capacity for more than 40,000 locations designed to deliver an efficient operation according to the demand of the region’s markets .

Source: Grupo Puerto de Cartagena

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