YoungShip Colombia: First Maritime Environmental Workshop


YoungShip Colombia is pleased to announce our FIRST MARITIME ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE.

As part of our professional commitments, the maritime environment has always been one of our concerns, for this reason we have decided to initiate this important first environmental conference with the participation of experienced Latin American speakers who are knowledgeable in specific professional maritime environmental issues.

YoungShip provides a platform that allows all of our members to develop a broader understanding of the industry.

In turn, these are tools that will provide the industry with a generation of highly motivated young professionals in the coming years.

We also have a particular focus on promoting young entrepreneurs working on environmental challenges, social responsibility and green technology innovation.

We are aware of the great work we must continue to do in raising awareness among many of those involved in maritime activity; but it must also be everyone’s commitment.

This is only the first part of a series of environmental conferences; however, we invite you to contact us and propose your topics of interest so that they can be shared with the maritime and port community in general.

The sea has always been our source of life and development, our commitment is to preserve it. Your participation is always welcome, we will see you this coming November 04, 2021 at 18:30 Colombia time.

YoungShip Colombia
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