WMU: Establishment of the of World Maritime University Alumni Latin American Association (LATAMA)

Members of the recently founded Latin American Alumni Association (LATAMA) presented a memorial plaque to President Doumbia-Henry with with the names of the LATAMA founders:


LATAMA has 19 registered members and expects to attract additional members from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Associate membership is also available to relevant countries outside the region.

The World Maritime University, as a global centre of excellence recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United Nations General Assembly, plays a significant role in maritime and ocean education, research, capacity-building and economic development while promoting the roles of women in the maritime and ocean sectors.


With 5634 alumni from 171 countries and territories, WMU has created a global network of leaders in the maritime and oceans sectors.

WMU alumni hold positions of prominence around the world. They serve as senior maritime officials in ministries, as directors of shipping companies and ports, as heads of maritime academies and naval organizations, and many represent their home countries at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and international forums and organizations.

Source: WMU

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