Wk Webster: MSC Aries Loses 41 Containers in the Pacific


According to a report issued by WKWebster it is reported that the fully cellular container ship, MSC ARIES, lost 41 containers overboard on or about January 29, 2021 during a voyage across the North Pacific from Long Beach, USA to Ningbo and Yantian, China.

It is not yet known whether other containers on board have been affected by the disturbance or the collapse of stacked containers. WKWebster is seeking further details on the incident and will report again as soon as additional information becomes available.

As a result, this incident may result in delays in the delivery of containerized cargo.

Other sources claim that the vessel, MSC Aries, encountered bad weather while en route from Long Beach to Ningbo. A limited number of empty containers were affected and initial reports from the vessel suggest that no cargo fell overboard.

MSC is working closely with the necessary parties and authorities to allow the vessel to berth in the port of Ningbo on or about February 3 in order to assess the condition of the damaged containers on board and any further action to be taken.

This assessment will require some time and may affect the vessel’s schedule. MSC very much regrets any inconvenience arising from this incident and will do everything possible to assist customers in trying to ensure that the matter is handled in the most efficient and hassle-free manner.”

Source WK Webster Splash 247

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