VIDEO: Colombian Navy intercepts illegal fishermen in Malpelo

In maritime control operations, the Colombian Navy managed to ban six Ecuadorian flagged boats, the capture of 27 people, 21 Ecuadorians and six Colombians engaged in illegal fishing activities in the Colombian Pacific 18 nautical miles southeast of the island Malpelo.

The ARC “7 de Agosto”, Oceanic Patrol ship transported on board and with the appropriate security measures  the 27 captured men who were given medical attention.

The Fauna and Flora Sanctuary of Malpelo located 265 nautical miles from the port of Buenaventura and with an extension of 2’667.908 hectares is of great ecosystem importance for Colombia because it is a habitat for birds, mammals, fish and refuge for large pelagic marine species. size.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature – IUCN, highlights that several of these species are in some category of extinction or vulnerability.

Source Armada Necional de Colombia
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