Typhoon Muifa is heading for the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo in China

Vessel positions as of Sept. 12 in yellow, 64-knot wind forecasts in red, 34-knot danger swath in white from Joint Typhoon Warning Center, earlier Sept. 12. Sources: Joint Typhoon warning Center, IHS, Markit, Genscape

According to Bloomberg, Asia’s largest container shipping hub may face another major storm as Typhoon Muifa slams into Shanghai and nearby Ningbo.

The US Joint Typhoon Warning Center projects that the typhoon’s track will hit ports on China’s east coast on Wednesday. The storm closely follows Super Typhoon Hinnamnor, which brushed past the vital shipping hub last week, temporarily shutting down Shanghai’s main container port, Yangshan.

Typhoon Muifa is currently east of Taiwan, heading north with maximum wind gusts of 185 kilometers per hour, according to the US warning center. Japan’s ANA Holdings Inc. said 49 flights to Taiwan have been cancelled. and from the islands of Ishigaki and Miyako.

Last week’s storm scattered ships outside the megacenter, and the queue of ships is still above the 50-day average as ports recover, according to Bloomberg data.

Despite recent severe weather, Asia has had a relatively quiet storm season. Pacific Northwest typhoon activity this year is forecast to be 35% below normal, according to Tropical Storm Risk.

Source: Bloomberg’s Kevin Varley with assistance from Ann Koh, Ailing Tan, and Shoko Oda

Source Bloomberg
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