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General conditions
This website and its content are the property of FullAvante SAS, the company that owns and publishes www.fullavantenews.com

The person accessing www.fullavantenews.com accepts without modification the Terms of Use and the Privacy and Information Management Policy established herein. FullAvante SAS reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to keep abreast of the changes that may occur on this page. In case the user does not agree with these Terms of Use, the user is not authorized to use this service.

The materials contained in the page www.fullavantenews.com are provided “in original condition” and without guarantees of any kind. FullAvante SAS assumes no responsibility for the reliability, usefulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information contained in www.fullavantenews.com In any case, the published content should be understood as a recommendation or advice to make business decisions or decisions. investment, and if the user relies on said content for any decision, he will do so at his own risk, exempting FullAvante SAS from any responsibility for the damages or losses suffered by the user as a result of his decision.

Additionally, the operating company of this Website expressly disclaims any responsibility for the materials found on this page, which may be inappropriate according to the legislation of third countries. Access to such materials from territories outside the Republic of Colombia, where the Contents are illegal or prosecuted civil or criminally is prohibited.

Those who enter or use the services of www.fullavantenews.com, do so at their own initiative and risk, and will be responsible for complying with the Colombian laws and / or international laws and / or the territory in which they are located, that may be applicable. FullAvante SAS will not be held liable for any damages or losses of any kind that result from or may be due to the use that users may make of the contents.

Security and disclaimer
FullAvante SAS uses industry standards to protect the confidentiality of the information of its users, including, among other measures, firewalls. However, FullAvante SAS does not guarantee that the information transmitted by the user to this Site will not be obtained by an unauthorized third party, which is why the user accepts that he will transmit his information at his own risk.

FullAvante SAS does not control or guarantee that this Site will be free of viruses or other elements in its contents, which may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) of the user, or in the electronic documents and files stored in the user’s computer system . Therefore, in the event that such viruses or elements are presented, FullAvante SAS will not assume any liability to the user for the damages that this may cause.

In no case, FullAvante SAS nor its suppliers or distributors, will be responsible for damages of any kind that result from the use, impossibility of use or the results of the use of www.fullavantenews.com Nor will they assume any responsibility for malfunctions of the Site, errors or other types of problems, or have responsibility for errors or omissions in the content.

Privacy policy and information management
To know the policies of collection, treatment and use of FullAvante SAS information, as well as the rights that our users have as information holders, please enter the Privacy and Information Management Policy of this Site.

User registration
Any user wishing to publish content on www.fullavantenews.com, must register the following personal information: names, surnames, date of birth, gender, occupation, city and country of residence, type and identification document number. Additionally, you must fill in the following identification information within the system: user name, email and password. The user will be responsible for maintaining the security of his password.

Copyright and industrial property
This page is owned by FullAvante SAS. It is forbidden its total or partial reproduction, translation, transformation, storage or distribution through analog, digital or any other system or technology created or to be created, without prior written authorization from FullAvante SAS. The content of this page may not be sold, rented, distributed or exploited by any means, regardless of whether it is onerous or gratuitous, without the prior and express authorization of FullAvante SAS, or of the holders of intellectual property rights and / or industrial of each of the contents individually considered, except in the case of the contents that have a Creative Commons license, which may be used by third parties to the extent that the respective license authorizes it.

This page contains material both owned by FullAvante SAS, as well as by third parties. As a collective work, www.fullavantenews.com is protected under the terms of article 5 of Law 23 of 1982, without prejudice to the copyright on each of the contents included in this page.

As a result of the foregoing, you agree that any copy of the material contained herein, which you may retain or use, will be governed by the Copyright and Copyright Rights, and likewise must disclose information of said Copyrights and other information corresponding to the intellectual property mentioned. It is forbidden to eliminate any element identifying the origin of the materials contained in www.fullavantenews.com.

All trademarks and logos that appear on this website are the property of FullAvante SAS or third parties who have authorized its inclusion and use, or whose use is permitted under the terms of the applicable legislation. The use of trademarks and logos is prohibited, without the prior express authorization of the corresponding owner.

Users of this website are prohibited from circumventing the technological measures of protection of this portal, or the unauthorized access to the contents thereof or the elements that comprise it. FullAvante SAS may exercise all the legal actions that may be conferred on it by legislation in Colombia or in other territories, or applicable international legislation.

Intellectual property of content published by site users
The user who decides to make any publication, is obliged to comply with the laws and regulations in force on copyright and any other related to intellectual property.

In case of making any publication, the user declares and guarantees that (a) is the owner or, failing that, has the licenses or authorizations required to publish the content; (b) has the written authorizations of each of the persons whose name or image appear in the content sent to www.fullavantenews.com; (c) the published content does not constitute a slander or an insult against third parties; and (d) the content does not infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property, or the right of image of third parties, or fundamental rights such as the right to privacy, good name or honor.

License of the economic rights on the contents published by users
By submitting its contents to this Website, users grant FullAvante SAS a free, non-exclusive and permanent license to compile, adapt, reproduce, store and distribute any news, opinion, comment, note, message, suggestion, image, photography, audio, video and any other material sent to www.fullavantenews.com (hereinafter, the “User Content”). Said license may be exploited by the company that owns www.fullavantenews.com within and / or outside of Colombia, in any form and by any means known or unknown. The user who submits his Content accepts that he will not receive in return any type of remuneration for said referral (as an example, he will not receive royalties or any share of the income per guideline). Consequently, FullAvante SAS. is fully authorized to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, transform, market, carry out any negotiation or sublicense involving the Content submitted by users and, in general, exploit them in any way, respecting in all cases the moral rights enshrined in the law. favor of the user, who will be the owner of the copyright on their Contents.

General policies for the publication of content by users

FullAvante SAS does not control, nor is it responsible for, the User Content published on this page, since said company does not study or approve the Contents of the users prior to its publication. FullAvante SAS does not share, endorse or endorse any User Content published on this page and, consequently, does not assume any liability arising therefrom. Neither directs the bloggers or foristas on the subjects on which they must comment, nor determines the meaning of their opinions. Accordingly, FullAvante SAS is not responsible for, nor will assume the value of, any loss, damage or injury (whether patrimonial or extra-marital), nor claim, based on, or resulting from, any information or opinions provided on www.fullavantenews. com.

FullAvante SAS does not control, nor is it responsible for, the advertising information of the advertisers that register in www.fullavantenews.com. These advertisers will be solely responsible for compliance with the rules contained in the Consumer Statute (Law 1480 of 2011) and its regulatory decrees, and any other applicable rule, with respect to the goods and services that they offer or promote in their advertising.

When posting content on this page, the user assumes responsibility to third parties, for any type of violation of their rights, including, without limitation, image rights, intellectual or industrial property, such as copyright, interpreter and related, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, among others, exempting FullAvante SAS from any type of liability. Likewise, in cases where by virtue of the law, there is a right of rectification of a third party with respect to one of the Contents of the users, the corresponding user undertakes to rectify the information that has been provided.

The user who submits Content to www.fullavantenews.com, is obliged to defend and hold harmless FullAvante SAS, its parent company, its subordinate companies, as well as the directors, administrators, partners and employees of all the above, when any of them is subject to any judicial or extrajudicial action derived from the Content that said user has published. Likewise, the user who uses this page improperly or illegally, must defend and hold harmless FullAvante SAS, its parent company, its subordinate companies, as well as the directors, administrators, partners and employees of all the above, when any of them is object of any judicial or extrajudicial action derived from the illegal or improper use of this Website by that user.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, FullAvante SAS will have the right, at its discretion, to reject or remove any User Content, which in its sole discretion violates the Terms of Use of www.fullavantenews.com, or infringes or may infringe fundamental rights. of third parties, intellectual or industrial property rights or image rights.

Restrictions on the Publication of Contents

FullAvante SAS. may at any time fix the restrictions it deems appropriate to the publication of content of users, in aspects that may include, but not limited to: length or size of content, duration of content, and quality or characteristics of the images.

Additionally, FullAvante SAS reserves the right to remove any User Content that, in its sole discretion, is contrary to morality, public order or good customs, or if FullAvante SAS considers that it is pornographic or obscene material, offensive to third parties, or that is not of interest to other visitors of the Site.

In case FullAvante SAS considers that any of the User’s Content, or any act that they have made, has harmed www.fullavantenews.com, or its visitors or any third party, this company reserves the right to suspend or terminate Access to this Website to the corresponding users.

The users are obliged not to harass, threaten or intimidate other users of this portal, either through chats, forums, blogs or any other participation space. Users are prohibited from publishing Content that includes: (a) contact information of a person who has not given their authorization for such publication; (b) false, slanderous, insulting, offensive, pornographic, obscene and in general contrary to morals or good customs; (c) information, opinions or comments that incite violence or the commission of crimes; (d) information or comments that violate the fundamental rights of any person; (e) viruses or automatic means, including spiders, robots, trackers, data attack tools, or the like, to download information or interfere with the proper functioning of this Website or the access of any user to this Website; (f) material that violates image rights, or violates the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, including copyright, interpreter and related rights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, among others, or (g) advertising information or that seeks to promote products or services.

Links to third-party sites
www.fullavantenews.com contains links or “links” to sites operated by third parties, links that are included only for the convenience of the visitors, who will enter them at their own risk. The terms of use and privacy policies of such websites have been established by said third parties, and the user will be required to read and accept the terms of use and privacy policies of said third parties before deciding to browse or interact from any shape with those sites. FullAvante SAS has no control or responsibility over Internet sites operated or owned by third parties, or its contents, products or services. Compliance with the regulations contained in the Consumer Statute (Law 1480 of 2011) and its regulatory decrees, with respect to the goods and services offered, promoted or sold on the sites of third parties, will be the sole responsibility of the owners or operators of said sites, and FullAvante SAS will not have any responsibility towards the users that access these sites through a link found at www.fullavantenews.com.

On the other hand, FullAvante SAS will not have any responsibility for the access of users to any section or content of this page, as a result of links to it.

Cookies and other equipment information
Each visitor www.fullavantenews.com will be assigned a permanent “cookie” (a small text file), which will be stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer if he does not choose to visit the Site “without cookies”. The purpose of these “cookies” is to identify the user whenever you visit this Website, and thus be able to personalize and improve your online experience.

To visit the Site “without cookies”, the user can configure your browser to reject all “cookies”, or to notify you when a “cookie” is created, but you must take into account that without these files you will not be able to benefit from Some functions of www.fullavantenews.com. Each browser is different, so the user should consult the “Help” menu of theirs to know how to modify their preferences in relation to “cookies”.

Ability to accept the terms of use
Only access to the services offered by this website to persons over 18 years of age and who are considered capable of complying with the Colombian Civil Code is authorized. If they are not of legal age or legally capable, Internet users should refrain from accessing the services offered on this page.

Procedure for those who consider that some content published in www.fullavantenews.com is in violation of the legal norms or their rights
Anyone who considers that on this web page any content that, according to their criteria, violates legal norms, or their industrial or intellectual property rights, or their image right, or any other legal or constitutional right, must be notified. this circumstance to the following email address: [email protected]

The notification shall, at a minimum, include the following:

a) The identification of the content published in fullavantenews.com, allegedly in violation of the law or the rights of the complainant.
b) Contact information of the person filing the claim, including: address, telephone number and email address.
c) Declaration that the claimant is the patrimonial and / or moral owner of the rights allegedly violated by the published content, or in its absence, declaration of being authorized by the owner, to present the respective claim.
d) A physical or electronic signature of the person holding the alleged right violated, or the person authorized to act on their behalf.
In connection with the aforementioned notification, FullAvante SAS will perform an analysis and define, within a maximum term of 10 calendar days, if it considers that the content is or may be in violation of the aforementioned rights. If so, proceed to remove the published content.

FullAvante SAS reserves the right to block access to this Website to users who consider themselves infringing the rights of third parties.

Changes in terms of use
FullAvante SAS reserves the right to review these TERMS OF USE at any time, and will publish by means of a notice on this page any change in them, which from the moment of their publication will force the users of the portal. By continuing to use www.fullavantenews.com, or sending us information or any content to post on this Site, it will be understood that the user has accepted and has been obliged to comply with the new Terms of Use.

Jurisdiction and applicable legislation
These Terms of Use will be governed, interpreted and applied according to the laws of the Republic of Colombia.