COLOMBIA: Negotiations resume at TCBUEN (APM)

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Strike at TCBuen APM Terminals: After eight days of strike, according to information from El Espectador, the unionized workers agreed to sit down again with the Container Terminal of Buenaventura TCBuen operated by APM terminals to review their requests.

The first stage of the negotiations lasted several days but no agreement was reached between the parties. The decision to declare a disagreement was made on August 27 through a vote. From that day the bilateral dialogue began.

The main requests of the workers are: a salary increase, greater labor stability, welfare in the days, access to housing and education.

TCBuen reiterated its willingness to reach an early agreement “taking into account the current situation of the company and in order to continue providing our services to customers and users of Colombian foreign trade,” they said in a statement.

In addition, the company has insisted to the workers that it is committed to the welfare of its employees “in accordance with Colombian law, local market conditions and good operating and safety practices.”

Nestor Amador, general manager of TCBuen said that they have made a competitive offer: an increase in remuneration above inflation, a productivity bonus of up to 40 days of salary for good performance, access to credit for all employees and extensible up to two children, agreements for technical and professional education, among others.

According to Amador, with cut to September 8 had more than 3,600 containers and 90,000 tons of products in the terminal, although they are authorized to provide a partial service.

The Ministry of Labor estimates about 400 workers would benefit if they accept the Collective Labor Convention. However, the union threatened that if they do not meet their needs will be 3,000 people who will join the strike.

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Source El espectador
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