Solomon Islands suffers another major oil spill


Two years after authorities dealt with a major fuel spill, the Solomon Islands government is facing another major spill.

The spill from the 1991 Panamanian-flagged Quebec, the Solomon Islands authorities are accusing the crew of dumping some 1,000 tons of heavy fuel oil into local waters and causing the unfortunate event, which greatly affects the region’s marine ecosystem.

Solomon Islands Maritime Authority director Thierry Nervale told state media that an initial assessment of the Quebec spill indicated that some 1,000 tons of heavy fuel oil had been spilled, and that the government would take legal action against the vessel’s owners.

Solomon Islands

“It is clear to us that this is deliberate pollution of our seas. It is not accidental,” Nervale said.

Another case similar to this one, concerning fuel spills, occurred on the part of the Hong Kong-flagged Solomon Trader, which ran aground on Feb. 4, 2019, in Kangava Bay off Rennell Island. Near the world’s largest raised coral atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming the most high-profile dry bulk incident of that year.

It was loading bauxite in precarious conditions when the accident occurred, causing hundreds of tons of bunker fuel to spill, resulting in the vessel being declared a total constructive loss.

Cases that should call us to reflect, in order to work towards avoiding collateral damage and losses that affect the environment.

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