Sociedad Portuaria de Buenaventura is fined more than $9,000 million for service failures


The sanction comes after the SuperTransport evidenced that the public port service in charge of the regional Port Society of Buenaventura presented failures and delays.

This is because, according to them, this service was interrupted and even suspended during the implementation of the Navis-N4 operating system, by means of which the order of entry to the port is assigned.

“The port companies have the duty to ensure the continuity of the service at all times, as well as to foresee the best way to incorporate new technologies, always seeking the minimum impact for all users at all times,” said Wilmer Salazar Arias, Superintendent of Transportation.

For this case, a communication issued on March 10, 2018 by the American Federation of International Trade Logistics Agents -FITAC- was taken into account, where it pointed out that Sociedad Portuaria Buenaventura continued with a high level of abnormality in the operations of mobilization of goods both in import and export.

In this sense, the non-compliance in the processes of mobilization of goods caused the delay in the nationalization of goods and shipment authorizations of these.

They claim that importer and exporter customers were seriously affected with additional costs for storage and opportunity to market their products.

The rule allows the imposition of a maximum fine of up to 35 days of gross income.

Source Portafolio
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