SeaOne To Build New Natural Gas Port & Infrastructure In Buenaventura, Colombia


U.S.-based SeaOne Holdings, LLC announced that Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has approved an initial 30-year port concession to its subsidiary Sociedad Portuaria Energética Multipropósito y Contenedores Puerto Solo Buenaventura S.A., better known as “Puerto Solo,” for a multi-use energy hub port project located in the inland bay of Buenaventura, Colombia. According to SeaOne, this will be the region’s largest energy hub and multipurpose port development on the Pacific coast.

The Puerto Solo Energy Hub port complex is intended to facilitate international trade by receiving and delivering imported natural gas to the Pacific region of Colombia, providing storage and pipeline infrastructure to store and deliver 1.8 million barrels of fuel to the Colombian market. Along with the development of the Puerto Solo port, SeaOne also announced that its subsidiaries are developing 228 megawatts of low-emission power generation, with 80 MW in Buenaventura and 148 MW in the Cali suburb of Palmira.

“Colombia’s vast economic potential is constrained by the need to expand energy infrastructure to avoid a general lack of economic development and investment. We are honored and proud to work seamlessly with the Colombian government to address this persistent impediment to growth and prosperity. The world-class energy hub we are developing in Buenaventura will enable energy independence for the region and help ensure stability by importing clean, efficient and sustainable fuels. SeaOne is providing a direct connection to the U.S. natural gas and NGL markets, securing long-term, low-cost fuels for industry and power generation,” said SeaOne President and CEO Forrest Hoglund.

Ángela María Orozco, Colombia’s Minister of Transportation, stated, “After complying with the environmental licensing, connectivity and other requirements that a project of such magnitude requires, the national government, headed by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), grants this new port concession that will facilitate international trade and gas supply in the interest of public service for all Colombians.”

The key and defining characteristics of SeaOne’s Puerto Solo Energy Hub Port Complex are as follows.

Phase 1

Wharf and maritime infrastructure
NGL reception, storage and distribution terminal.
Refined product import/export terminal and distribution terminal

Phase 2

Integrated natural gas and NGL receiving and storage terminal using SeaOne’s proprietary CGL system
Natural gas, LPG and refined products pipelines to Cali.

“In the near term, our Puerto Solo Energy Hub Port Complex is also a compelling driver of economic development in the Buenaventura region. SeaOne’s initial project investment of more than $225 million will help create a large number of construction and long-term sustainable jobs. We look forward to working with the federal and local governments and local communities to develop important social programs for the region. We are especially proud of the small environmental footprint associated with our port and pipeline developments, a benefit that will help the region meet its sustainability goals,” Hoglund added.

Source Finance Colombia

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