Samsung Seeks Compensation from HMM for ‘Erroneous’ D&D Charges


Samsung Seeks Compensation from HMM for ‘Erroneous’ D&D Charges

The U.S. subsidiary of Korea’s Samsung group has lodged a complaint with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), accusing HMM of nearly 100,000 incorrect detention and demurrage charges during the COVID-19 period. Samsung Electronics America (SEA) is seeking compensation that is expected to amount to several million dollars.

SEA, which already has pending claims against other carriers such as COSCO, OOCL, ZIM, and SM Line, asserts that starting from mid-2020, HMM consistently failed to maintain fair and reasonable practices related to its inland transportation duties. SEA claims that HMM did not promptly remove SEA containers from U.S. marine and intermodal terminals and failed to deliver SEA containers to their intended inland destinations on time. Additionally, SEA alleges that HMM significantly increased the charges for D&D as a result of its transportation shortcomings.

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