What to visit in Colombia during a cruise stopover?

At the same time, belonging to the Andes and the Caribbean, Colombia has several attractions. This country, twice as big as France, is one of the most interesting destinations in South America. Discover Colombia during a maritime cruise.


Which company offers a cruise that passes through Colombia?

Most of the world-famous companies offer cruises that include a stopover in Colombia. With many years of experience in the organization of maritime cruises, the Cruise Company Msc Cruises organizes trips going through this country between October and February. Most of which start in the port of Miami. With this Italian shipping company, entertainment and discovery are the key words aboard its immense ships. Baptized in 2012, the MSC Divina is one of the sea mastodons that go to Colombia. Most of the leisure facilities are located there. During your stay on board, you can enjoy a multitude of modern games, including those installed in the game room. The MSC Divina also has an interactive cinema and a Formula 1 simulator.


The stopover in Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias is one of the main cities in Colombia to host cruise ships. It is also the starting point for some cruises in the Caribbean and the Antilles. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea, this city founded in the sixteenth century has a colonial old town surrounded by walls. Every year, more than a million travelers come here to admire the majestic houses and the fortress of the district that UNESCO has classified as a World Heritage Site.

Located about 16,000 km from India, Cartagena de Indias owes its name to Spanish adventurers who thought they had discovered India. Given the beauty of this picturesque Colombian city, it is not surprising that Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez lived there for much of his life. In Cartagena de Indias, it is a pleasure to walk through the narrow streets lined with colorful houses, built in hard coral or stone and with beautiful wooden balconies. During a walk through this city you can not miss a detour through the Plaza de Bolívar, which is one of the most emblematic places. It is a shaded square where there is an equestrian statue of the famous Latin American Liberator, Simón Bolívar.

What to do during a cruise stopover in Cartagena de Indias?

A stopover in Cartagena de Indias will give you the opportunity to discover the castle of San Felipe de Barajas, from the 16th century. It is one of the largest military complexes built by the Spanish conquerors. Erected on the hill of San Lazaro, it has 8 guns and 4 control posts. In Parque Bolívar, in the heart of the historic center, the Palace of the Inquisition is also one of the architectural gems of Cartagena. This palace built in 1776 has a beautiful baroque style. A few minutes walk from there is the Plaza de la Proclamación where stands the Cathedral of Santa Catalina Alejandría, one of the first cathedrals erected in America. This church has a polychrome altarpiece. The monastery of San Pedro Claver is an architectural jewel built in the 17th century that will delight lovers of ancient stones.

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