Panama Ship Registry announces measures for COVID-19 pandemic

By, Michele Labrut - Sea Trade Maritime News

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Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) Administrator Noriel Arauz says that the Ship Registry was “already working remotely” to provide any help to its shipowners, customers and seafarers during the COVID-19 crisis.
“The Panama Ship Registry has the necessary mechanisms to facilitate our users the registration of their Property Titles and ship Mortgages in an electronic and remote way, avoiding the physical presence of the persons for the registration of such documents. We reaffirm our commitment to banking institutions worldwide that trust our ship registry to ensure their credit guarantees through the ship mortgage,” Arauz said.

Panama’s Consular offices and Embassies worldwide are able to provide its customers “with all the notary services needed for the registration of property and liens of the ship in an agile, efficient, remote and safe way, respecting and guaranteeing in each of our actions, all the principles of legal security that have characterized us throughout the years,” said Arauz. All Panama international technical offices as well as the Consular Offices are equipped to work remotely.

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“We are providing continuity ensuring that our operations will not be interrupted by any external factor since we have the appropriate equipment and the technologic platforms to offer answers as fast as possible.”

While setting stations remotely, the Ship Registry will provide direct phone lines and mobiles phone numbers so questions and enquires are responded as fast as possible in cases of any emergency, 24/7, which can be found on its website updated on a daily basis.

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“We have issued instructions to our Approved Recognised Organisations, that any audit, inspection or survey expiration date could be extended for a period of 90 days. We will monitor the situation and any new development of the pandemic. If there is a need of extensions we will let you know with anticipation.”

“An important issue is the welfare of our seafarers round the world. To that effect, we have extended the Crew Licences, Contracts, endorsements for a period of 90 days. And we said before, we are continuously monitoring the recommendations of ILO and WHO, and will advise you of any modification or new instructions.”

Drydocking is also extended for a period of 90 days, subject to confirmation from the Dry Dock Installation,

“Our Technical Staff is instructed to analyse case by case with a different approach so we are fully familiar with any particular situation. At the end, we want to take the best decision so any affected client receive our best support,” stated Arauz.

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