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0 is pleased to share the launch of a specialized regulation and legislation partner of the maritime industry. is the first news site in the world to exclusively cover news from the most relevant maritime regulators and legislators.

It is obvious that the exponential growth of new rules and regulations is challenging shipping. Likewise, the maritime sector is entering the era of digital transformation, implementation, and innovative technologies to drive efficiency and support and facilitate compliance.

“We help all players in the maritime sector to be informed as quickly as possible with high
quality with respect to all the latest information related to changes in rules and regulations around the world. Our team successfully responds to the growing need for everyone in the industry to constantly remain compliant with regulations in order to run their business more efficiently and with less cost. helps provide a better way for organizations to stay on top of regulations, save time and improve processes,” says Matko Rak, editor-in-chief of offers content from multiple sources, including, but not limited to, the
International Maritime Organization, Classification Societies, European Union, United States
Coastguard, and also includes the largest collection of Flag States. It will also serve as a source of information to share knowledge and as a source of information for the entire audience.

Finally, covers the latest news related to regulatory changes in the areas of environment, safety, security, facilitation, ports, as well as maritime, onshore and offshore labor. We recommend following on Twitter and Facebook.


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