Lars Jensen: “0.8% container growth in August”

Shipping Industry Expands Container Production to Asia and the USA

According to the Container Shipping Industry Expert Lars Jensen, Container Trade Statistics (CTS) has today  the demand data for the month of August, and it shows a slowdown in growth. In July the global container volume grew 3.6%, but in August this slowed to just 0.8% measured versus same month last year.

The change was clearly not uniform globally – as an example, European import volumes grew three times faster than the global average, with volumes up 2.4% year-on-year.

However South America and Oceania pulled the performance down as both continents saw declines in imports as well as exports. In Australia imports were down 5.2% and exports were down 4.5%, whereas in South America imports were down 3.7% and exports were down 5.9%.

Despite much talk of trade wars and looming recession, the North American numbers were not particularly off from the global average. Imports grew 0.4%, whereas exports were down 1.4%.

Source: Larse Jensen/LinkedIn

Source Larse Jensen
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