Expansion of Lidl’s Logistics Operations


Expansion of Lidl’s Logistics Operations

German retail giant Lidl is venturing into the logistics sector, building upon the establishment of its shipping arm, Tailwind Shipping Lines, in mid-2022. The newly formed Tailwind Intermodal, based in Graz, will oversee the inland transportation of all goods, including those from both Lidl and third-party entities, arriving at the Slovenian port of Koper via the group’s shipping services.

Since August 2022, Tailwind has been utilizing Koper, which it regards as its strategically pivotal port due to its advantageous connection to Eastern Europe. Tailwind’s Panda Express Service handles shipments from China to Koper, while empty European containers are returned to Koper for their journey back to China.

Lidl initiated Tailwind Shipping Lines in July 2022 amidst the pandemic to ensure the timely delivery of its products. The Hamburg-based shipping company operates eleven vessels in the Far East-Europe trade, along with several smaller ships in intra-Europe trade. Both the shipping line and the intermodal company will transport cargo for third-party clients alongside Lidl’s own merchandise.

By integrating maritime freight with inland transportation, Tailwind aims to enhance the reliability of supply chains between China and Europe, while positioning itself as a neutral service provider in the market.

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