Ecopetrol imports a satellite regasification unit to Colombia

Planta de regasifición satélite MICRO LNG Foto: Blu Radio

According to BLU Radio, “Colombia has started a new project to import natural gas in the Pacific”. Basically, Ecopetrol, the energy state-owned company has imported a satellite regasification plant that will initially operate for 6 months, serving 60% of the demand in Buenaventura.

In the article, Blu Radio states that “from this Tuesday, August 2, Ecopetrol is importing natural gas to the southwest of the country. Although it sounds paradoxical, the oil company is interested in testing the mechanisms to bring natural gas from the United States and will carry out a pilot test for 6 months.”

They mention that even though this is a very small amount that arrives by ship at a satellite plant. In fact, the amount of test gas from this will only be enough to cover part of the consumption of Buenaventura, a municipality with fewer inhabitants than Neiva.

In the regasification plant, the fuel is received in liquid form, a process is carried out so that it returns to its natural state and can be used for cooking in homes.

“The development of this type of innovative initiative allows us to reach more Colombians with natural gas, which is a low-emission energy source. Micro LNG gives us the option of having small volumes that in the future will allow us to serve remote communities, and ensure market growth in municipalities such as Popayán, Pasto, Florencia, and Tumaco, among others,” said Yeimy Báez, vice president of Casualty Solutions. emissions

Source: BLU Radio

Source BLU radio

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