Chinese carrier and shipyard Venture into the Methanol Supertanker Construction


According to sources, a Chinese carrier has placed an order for the world’s first methanol-powered supertanker. Even though information about the carrier has not been disclosed, the renowned Chinese shipyard,  Hengli Heavy Industry, is set to embark on its maiden journey into the supertanker construction sector. The shipyard, previously known as STX Dalian Shipbuilding, has rebranded itself and is now the third Chinese company to be included in the prestigious list of Chinese Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) shipyards.

The VLCC ship is set for delivery in early 2026 from Chinese shipyard. The VLCC segment specializes in the construction of massive crude oil carriers that play a pivotal role in global oil logistics. These supertankers are designed to transport colossal quantities of crude oil across the world’s oceans, ensuring the smooth flow of this crucial commodity. Hengli Heavy Industry’s decision to venture into this sector underscores its commitment to excellence and its aspiration to contribute to China’s burgeoning maritime industry.

Hengli Heavy Industry’s pursuit of supertanker construction represents a noteworthy development in China’s expanding maritime sector but also further enhance China’s influence on the global maritime stage.

Sources: TradeWinds, ShippingWatch

Source TradeWinds ShippingWatch
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