Contecar and Celsia develop solar energy megatech in Cartagena


6,000 solar modules were installed by Celsia on the roofs of the International Logistics Distribution Center of the Port of Cartagena Group. With the start-up of the panels, 1,101 tons of CO2 emissions will cease to be emitted per year, equivalent to the CO2 capture of 160,000 mature trees.

A new advance in the use of renewable energy in the country was made with the start-up of the solar roofs of the International Logistic Distribution Center of the Port of Cartagena Group. The design and installation of the solar mega-roof was carried out by Celsia, an energy company of Grupo Argos.

For this development, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the “Smart Port” pillar, which describes smart, sustainable ports committed to the environment, the community and growth in technology and learning, were applied.

The 6,000 solar panels will supply 10% of the port’s annual energy, a source of renewable generation that allows it to reduce CO2 emissions by 1,101 tons per year, equivalent to the work done by 160,000 trees.

Celsia, as a strategic ally in energy matters and leader in the development of renewable energies in Colombia, carried out the structuring, design, purchase of the modules and assembly of the photovoltaic roof, for which more than 5,400 georeferenced points with topography had to be located and marked.

After their installation, they were integrated into the inverter system and the electrical substation of the Distribution Center.

In this regard, Ricardo Sierra, leader of Celsia, stated that “the photovoltaic energy projects that we executed in 2020 had to overcome the challenges derived from the pandemic, in aspects such as the availability of inputs for their construction, logistics and biosecurity measures.

Even so, the generation of solar energy almost doubled and one of those projects of great relevance is the one we developed in alliance with the Port of Cartagena Group, a mega rooftop that evidences the commitment to the sustainability of its operations and the planet.”

For his part, Alfonso Salas Trujillo, manager of the Port of Cartagena Group, highlighted that “the project that we started in October 2019 today is a reality, with it we contribute to the welfare and sustainability of present and future generations, and we also contribute to climate change mitigation, the reduction of the carbon footprint and energy efficiency, aiming at the Sustainable Development Goals, in this case #7, which refers to affordable and non-polluting energy. This is an effort that translates into benefits for the community, the company and the environment.”

About Grupo Puerto de Cartagena

The entity facilitates Colombian foreign trade and global connectivity, thus fostering the socioeconomic development not only of the region but of the country in general. It constitutes an avant-garde platform in the Caribbean, offering port and logistics services to cargo and passenger vessels, with productivity indicators recognized among the highest worldwide.

Innovation is a constant commitment to generate added value to cargo and increase the competitiveness of its customers, the company and the country in general. Currently, it is connected to 750 ports in 140 countries around the world. It is also Colombia’s main export port.

About Celsia

We are a company passionate about renewable energy and energy efficiency, with a presence in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras. We generate and transmit energy from renewable sources (water, sun and wind) with thermal backup.

We have found new ways to advise our customers with an innovative portfolio focused on energy efficiency so that their home, business or urban project can be connected and enjoy all the advantages of the new energy era. We have more than 1,100,000 customers in 39 municipalities in Valle del Cauca and 47 in Tolima where we are energy service operators.

Source Celsia Grupo Puerto de Cartagena

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