Colombian Navy seizes tons of cocaine in semi-submersible vessel


The Colombian Navy reported on September 1 the seizure of 1.8 tons of cocaine that were being transported aboard a semi-submersible vessel in the South Pacific.

The operation prevented the trafficking and consumption of more than 44.5 million doses of cocaine in neighboring countries, valued at $60 million and distributed by the FARC dissident group “Bloque Occidental Alfonso Cano,” the Navy said.

The seizure, led by sailors, was carried out with intelligence from the Colombian navy.

“The semi-submersible type naval device was intercepted when the subjects were trying to take it out through an area of estuaries located north of the department of Nariño and who upon noticing the presence of the authorities jumped into the water, fleeing through an area of estuaries, thus abandoning a boat.”

The people manning the low-profile boat jumped into the water as soon as they noticed the presence of the authorities and fled through a mangrove area, abandoning the semi-submersible loaded with the drugs, as well as a speedboat that appeared to escort them, said Admiral Orlando Cubillos Chacón.

Upon inspection of the 17-meter long naval vessel, 90 sacks with several rectangular packages were found, which were transferred to the dock of the Coast Guard Station of Tumaco, where members of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office conducted the preliminary homologated identification test with positive results for cocaine.

This past month, the Colombian Navy intercepted more than $200 million in merchandise belonging to the FARC dissident group “Bloque Occidental Alfonso Cano”, with the seizure of more than 5.8 tons of narcotics, three semi-submersible naval artifacts and three speedboats, as well as the destruction of cocaine production laboratories.

Source Reuters
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