Colombia starts exporting pork from Cartagena to Africa

“We achieved the first export of a container of pork meat to the Angolan market”: Minister Andrés Valencia Pinzón


World exports of pig meat in 2018 reached US $ 28,000 million, figures that represented a growth of 6% compared to 2008.

Last year, Colombia produced 410,270 tons of pig meat. The main producing areas are Antioquia (45%), Cundinamarca (18.1%), Valle del Cauca (15%), Coffee Axis (8.6%) and Meta (5.6%).

“After a hard work to solve the main bottlenecks, to enter the different international markets, the country achieved its first export of swine meat to the Angola market,” said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Andrés Valencia Finch.

This achievement was made thanks to the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Porckolombia, as well as the Table for the Promotion of Swine Meat Exports, where the inter-institutional articulation of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), National Institute has been achieved of Surveillance of Medicines and Foods (INVIMA), Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and PROCOLOMBIA in order to enter the different international markets.

“In total there will be 25 tons that will be exported with a generic certificate at the request of the importer, which will leave this weekend from the Port of Cartagena and will arrive on December 1 at the port of Luanda (Angola). With this first export to this destination, we opened a great opportunity for the pig sector that has as its commitment the internationalization at the head of the union and its international marketer, ”added Minister Valencia Pinzón.

The average of the imports that are registered from Angola, between 2014 and 2018, total a total of 807,121 tons, the main suppliers being Brazil (31%), Portugal (6%), Belgium (3%), and Argentina (2% ), among others.

For its part, Colombia produced (410,270 Tons) of pig meat in 2018, being Antioquia (45%), Cundinamarca (18.1%), Valle del Cauca (15%), Coffee Axis (8.6%) and Meta (5.6%) Main producing areas. As for the value of the sector’s production, last year it had a weight of $ 2.6 billion, equivalent to 1.4% of agricultural GDP and 4.8% of livestock GDP.
As for the Colombian exports of pig meat, in 2019 they reach US $ 7.8 million for Venezuela, which makes this first export even more relevant since it is the first export exercise to a third market and allows glimpses a promising future once sanitary access is achieved in other destinations.

Finally, Minister Valencia Pinzón affirmed that there is also the interest of achieving the admissibility of the Chinese market with pork, and other products. In addition, the head of the agricultural portfolio stressed that “at the export promotion table, which already has 17 sessions, markets have been prioritized and sanitary access procedures have been advanced for China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Curacao, Ecuador, Ghana , Peru, Ecuador, Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Jordan, India, Russia and Panama. ”

Source Caracol Radio

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