COLOMBIA: New WCS X-press service at SPRBUN will reduce export costs for Colombian producers

SPRBUN port terminal in Buenaventura Colombia announces the arrival of the new West Coast South America X-press service that will support Colombian exporters and strengthen foreign trade in the area.


SPRBUN – As of September 15, the SPRBUN port terminal will make available to its users a new shipping service called West Coast South América X-press, which will provide new facilities to reduce the costs of
export to Colombian producers and will make it possible to connect Buenaventura, through
the X-Press Feeder company, with other ports in the region with which it does not have
connection currently.

The SPRBUN terminal was chosen for this service by the capacity and technology that the terminal has, its performance in the times of unloading of ships thanks to the fact that it has the latest generation gantry cranes and the port infrastructure that characterizes it.

“This new service allows us to connect shipping lines with alternate ports of the region, which due to operational infrastructure cannot dock. Basically, we will make vessels available to exporters to serve them as a means of transporting Containers of shipping lines that cannot reach ports located in countries such as Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Chile ”, says Engineer Yahaira Díaz Quesada,
General Manager (e) of the SPRBUN port terminal.

One of the most relevant benefits of this new service will be the facilities that will deliver to Colombian producers to be able to export their products at a much lower cost than the rates currently available in the sector. While each shipping line has its own rates, it is estimated that by making use of this service
they will be able to reduce to 10% the export costs that are currently handled in this sector.

“We are aware of the multiple barriers that exporters encounter, importers or shipping lines, in order to reach countries that do not have the depth, technology or infrastructure necessary to connect with
Buenaventura or other ports in the region. Our goal with this service is to continue supporting the strengthening of Colombia with foreign trade and that the port relationship become easier and easier ”, added Eng. Díaz.


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