COLOMBIA: New projects to cope with gas demand

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COLOMBIA: New projects to cope with gas demand

According to a press release from the UPME (Mining and Energy Planning Unit of Colombia), with eight new works this entity and the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) of Colombia seek to support the infrastructure for the firm supply of natural gas in the country, to the year 2028.

Contained in the new Supply Plan (PAGN) of the mentioned entities, it is intended to support the supply of gas for the next 10 years and attract investments of about US $ 800 million dollars.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa explained to Portafolio:
“This fuel is an essential service for the country, not only because eight out of ten households use it daily, but because it contributes to the protection of the environment. It is also considered the fuel of the energy transition: it reduces carbon emissions by 40% and particulate matter by 96% ”,


The first work on the list is the  Regasification Plant in the pacific, which is justified given the progressive reduction of natural gas reserves, the time of entry of new national gas production projects and the reliability of this service, time that  must also be taken into account. Note that in the last year, gas reserves went from 9.8 years to 8.1 years according to the UPME.

The technical analyzes of the UPME allowed to conclude that this new imported natural gas supply point will diversify production sources, in addition to making the national transportation system more flexible in the event of system failure, thus reducing the risk of demand neglect.

The plant will have a storage capacity of 170,000 cubic meters, will be able to regasify 400 million cubic feet per day of Liquefied Natural Gas in the municipality of Buenaventura and will be connected to a gas pipeline to a delivery point to the National Transportation System in the municipality of Yumbo , Cauca’s Valley.


In addition to the Regasification Plant and the Yumbo – Buenaventura gas pipeline, the Natural Gas Supply Plan includes other transport infrastructure works that must begin operating in 2022 to allow the connection of the different markets in the country.

These are, among others, the interconnection and bidirectionalities of the Barranquilla – Ballena (north) and Barrancabermeja – Ballena (north – center) gas pipelines. Additionally, a bidirectional route will be built for the Yumbo – Mariquita (west) section and the transport capacity will be increased in the Jamundí branch (Valle del Cauca) and in the Mariquita- Gualanday section (Tolima) in order to ensure the demand is met.



Check out the video about the “Regasification port (Puerto Solo) to be constructed in Buenaventura” for further information.


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