Carnival Cruises achieves its goal to reduce emissions

The cruise company achieves its emission reduction goal for 2020 in 2018

Aida Perla Carnival Cruises

Carnival Corporation & plc, the renowned cruise company with headquarters in the USA has achieved a 26.3% reduction in CO2 emissions relative to the 2005 baseline, surpassing its 2020 target ahead of schedule.

According to the company’s eighth annual sustainability report, Carnival Corp achieved its carbon reduction target of 25% in 2017, three years ahead of schedule, and is on track with its other nine sustainability goals for 2020.

To see all the sustainability goals follow the following link

The cruise company committed to reduce atmospheric emissions through three initiatives:

  1. The use of LNG or liquefied natural gas as fuel for the propulsion of your cruisers – The materialization of this commitment is made visible with the example of the welcome to its fleet, the second cruise in the world capable of being fed with LNG while it was in port, since AIDAperla with double fuel started the LNG operations when it was docked in Three European ports.
  2. Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) – by the end of 2017, 62% of Carnival Corp’s fleet was equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), capable of reducing sulfur compounds and particulates in the Escape from the engines of the ships in any operational state of a ship.
  3. Connection of power from port to ship or Cold Ironing, Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), Shore-to-Ship Power (SSP) or Onshore Power Supply (OPS) – taking into account that 43% of the fleet had the ability to connect to ground power supply while stationary at berth.


Reaching these initiatives to improve the current condition of emissions and impact on the environment is a good way to show the other maritime tourism sites that efforts must be exhausted to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Likewise, we invite Carnival Corp to share these best practices and cooperate with the other cruise companies so that together they can reduce their negative impact on the environment in the cruise sector and not just an individual contribution and victory.

Source World Maritime News
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