Brazilian Firm MMS Empreendimentos Secures Itajai’s Interim Terminal Concession

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According to sources, In a surprising turn of events in the maritime industry, Brazilian company MMS Empreendimentos has emerged victorious in a hotly contested bid for the provisional two-year lease to operate the container pier at the bustling port of Itajai. The award of this concession follows the exit of global terminal operator APMT, which had maintained a presence at the Brazilian Atlantic port for over two decades.

The Brazil National Waterway Transport Agency (ANTAQ) announced this development as a strategic move to facilitate the transition from APMT’s tenure to a new, long-term lease that could span an impressive 35 years and potentially commence in 2025.

MMS Empreendimentos, the new torchbearer for Itajai’s container terminal, demonstrated their commitment to the venture by submitting the highest bid for the interim concession. Their promise to ANTAQ includes ensuring a guaranteed annual handling volume of 0.79 million twenty-foot equivalent units (Mteu) for the duration of their two-year lease.

While this pledge is ambitious, MMS Empreendimentos aims to fill the void left by APMT, who had gradually reduced their container operations at Itajai. The decision to end their involvement in the port was formalized in mid-2023, and the decline in scheduled container ship calls was already observed in late 2022.

Itajai, a key maritime hub, stands as one of two essential container ports situated at the mouth of the Itajai-Acu River. Its proximity to Navegantes, located on the opposite river bank, emphasizes the significance of these ports as crucial trade gateways.

The awarding of the interim terminal concession to MMS Empreendimentos sets the stage for an intriguing transition in Itajai’s maritime landscape. The next two years will serve as a pivotal period for the Brazilian firm to assert their capabilities and solidify their place in the industry. Meanwhile, the anticipation of a long-term lease beginning in 2025 is on the horizon, promising new opportunities and challenges for the Brazilian port’s stakeholders.

The global shipping community will undoubtedly keep a close watch on the developments at Itajai, as this maritime saga continues to unfold.


Source: Alphaliner

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