Viking Sky Cruise Ship Emergency (SOS)

The Viking Sky Cruise Ship (SOS) mayday emergency. The 47,800 DWT cruise ship on its 12th day trip from Bergen, Norway to last port of call Tilbury in the London-area. A voyage under stormy weather With 1,373 passengers and crew on board.

Due to a storm on Friday, March 22nd the ship started listing dangerously and took in water. With gusts up to 43 mph and waves over 8 meters high. The ship’s four engines began shutting down. The Norwegian Maritime Authority reported that while the oil levels were low, it was within the set limits. In rocky seas, the movement in the tanks triggered an alarm.

On Saturday morning the ship drifter without power the crew threw out anchors to keep it in place, fearing that it could smash the treacherous offshore rocks. The Ship issues a mayday and begins evacuating. Airlifting 464 passengers by helicopters.

On Sunday, two tugs towed the limped ship to safety. The remaining 436 passengers and crew of 458 disembarked to the Norwegian port of Molde. The NMA is undergoing investigation: on the ship’s operation, a technical study of engine failure and review of the rescue operation.

Regardless of the incident, cruising is one of the safest ways to travel According to the trade group Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). 0 fatalities generated by the incident. ¿Who’s to blame for this incident? ¿human error? ¿commercial priorities over adverse conditions?

The aftermath of the incident

Recent articles shared interviews of the passengers of the Viking Sky cruise where they state that the maritime emergency experience was handled in a very safe and professional way. Therefore, survivors recommend Viking Cruises. Furthermore, sources report that the cruise ship demand will not be affected by the incident of the Viking Sky. Lastly, the Norwegian Maritime Authority will have the last word of the incident and time will tell if the demand will be affected in the future.

Source USA Today

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