VIDEO: New leading light line on Port Of Hamburg

Hamburg Port Authority

Ships calling at the port of Hamburg soon orientate themselves towards new lighthouses: The leading lights in Blankenese have to be replaced as part of the fairway adjustment.

The navigation channel will not only be deepened but also widened between Wedel and Blankenese so that ships can meet each other on the Elbe. This will shift the optimal course line for ships heading for the port of Hamburg. As the fairway is under water and not visible, ships orientate themselves by a so-called leading light line, which consist of a front and a rear light. These leading light line mark the line on which the ships can navigate within the fairway.

With a height of more than 62 metres the new rear light belongs to the highest lighthouses in Germany.
It is a project of the Hamburg Port Authority. More about it in this “PORT IS WHAT WE DO” episode.

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