VIDEO: maritime accident at the port of Barcelona

MV Excellent Collision TCB Puerto Barcelona

Today we share the videos of the incident that occurred at TCB, the maritime accident at the Port of Barcelona. The collision happened at 8:00 on the south pier of the port. The MV Excellent, a ferry, owned by the Italian shipping company Grandi Navi Veloci (NGV), collides with a gantry crane which falls on a pile of loaded containers with solid and liquid flammable products, as well as a type of corrosive product. Although the causes of the accident are unknown, it is assumed that in the departing maneuver of the ship was affected by inclement weather and the strong wind which catalyzed the event.

The ferry that usually transport vehicles and trucks came from Genoa, Italy, and sailed to Tangier after shipping dozens of transporters in Barcelona.

The Port of Barcelona executes the evacuation protocol and subsequently the municipal medical emergencies team moves. So far no victims or injured.

The first video is a shot at the distance from the ship’s port side:

In this second video we see a shot from a ship at the southern pier, focusing directly on the prow of the MV Excellent:

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Source El País

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