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According to the IMO, Maritime transportation is an essential component of any programme for sustainable development because the world relies on a safe, secure and efficient international shipping industry.  However, in order for maritime transport to generate sustainable development, each nation has the need to establish the parameters and institutions that dynamize this process, in essence, a national maritime transport policy.

With this in mind, IMO developed a concept of a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System with a view to providing a blueprint for countries to develop their maritime transport infrastructure in an efficient, sustainable, safe and environmentally sound manner, in keeping with the global process to develop Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched at the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development in 2012.  Within this comprehensive framework and a new approach to the delivery of technical assistance, IMO also introduced the concept of providing assistance to its Member States in the formulation and development of national maritime transport policies (NMTPs), thus strengthening the maritime capacities and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs adopted in 2015. Moreover, NMTPs are also complimentary to the concept of the “Blue Economy” which is closely associated with sustainable development and Small Island Developing States (SIDs).

Maritime transport is a central part of the so-called “blue economy”, with enormous potential to promote economic growth and improve the lives of people while addressing several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In reality, very few countries are prepared to take advantage of this potential. Many lack something necessary: ​​a coherent national policy of maritime transport. A recently released video explains exactly what a national maritime transport policy is and how it can provide a country with the tools it needs to become an effective participant in the maritime sector.

Through the Integrated IMO Technical Cooperation Program, activities are organized to assist countries to plan, prepare to adopt national maritime transport policies. In order to help this end, the IMO in conjunction with the World Maritime University (UMM) has developed a training package for government officials that is becoming known worldwide.

What is NMTP?

A National Maritime Transport Policy is a statement of principles and objectives to guide decisions in the maritime transport sector with a view to achieving the maritime vision of a country and ensuring that the sector is governed in an efficient, sustainable, safe and environmentally sound manner.


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