VIDEO: Ecocide Port of Tribugá – Chocó Colombia

¿Ships or whales?

According to an article in the newspaper El Espectador, an Ecocide would happen in the Port of Tribugá – Chocó Colombiano. An item in the PND turns on the alarms. The construction project of the Multipurpose Port of Tribugá, in Nuquí (Choco), Colombia. Port development was considered at the beginning of the 20th century and revived with the current government.

The Arquimedes Port Society (SPA) made up of the governors of Chocó, Caldas and Risaralda with 17 municipalities and private actors is in charge of executing the project. The port promises thousands of jobs, development and roads. It highlights its strategic location for the coffee zone and its future boost to the mining, wood and fishing industry, making it an alternative port to Buenaventura. Also, the possibility of building an oil pipeline from Guajira to Tribugá, for the export of oil from Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia to countries of the Far East.

However, the community is opposed. In 2008, the community asked MinAmbiente to protect the environmental wealth of its territory and declare it an Integrated Regional Management District (DRMI). Privileging fishing, agriculture, ecotourism and care for the environment as the engines of development in the region. Invemar has stated that the environmental costs of the project DO NOT justify its construction. Affecting the migration of humpback whales. The corals of the Utría National Park, unique in the pacific north of Colombia. The fish, birds and turtles that depend on the bay of Tribugá. The food security of the Nuquí community.

The SPA is exerting political pressure before the ANI who argues that there are no roads or trains connecting the area. Before the ANLA, who asks them for a diagnosis of environmental alternatives (DAA) to which the Arquimedes Society refused to carry out the DDA, stating that both Tumaco and Buenaventura have several limitations for the development of the new port. It is certain that the ANLA reduces the argumentation clearly to the environmental.

Against the concepts of Invemar and MinAmbiente mentioning that the project could be “sustainable” and be within the DMRI. Invías has sent two letters to the ANI ensuring the connectivity of the port is guaranteed with the roads (still unbuilt) Arauca-Tribugá and Bogotá – Las Ánimas. The community council asks that the community can decide its future.

We encourage our audience to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages that this development plan would bring. We consider one of the best ways to develop the country is being competitive in transport to position our products in foreign countries. Nonetheless, the ship can call where indicated, the essential thing is to have an efficient road and rail mesh that allows the competitive flow of the products. The development should not be guided to more port concessions but to a railway, connection propelled by energy and not by combustion.

We also invite our readers to watch the trailer of the documentary Expedition Tribugá, where they rescue the immense wealth and importance of the area in terms of environment and heritage for Colombia and the world.

To sign the petition to stop the project also follow the link below

Source El Espectador

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