VIDEO: Colombia, Salvage of stranded ship in Barranquilla would be this week


Salvage of stranded ship in Barranquilla would this week

El Heraldo – Carrying out the rescue operation of the ship Nordic Wolverine that is stranded in the Bocas de Ceniza sector requires stable meteorological conditions, for this reason the maritime authorities of Barranquilla carry out permanent monitoring of the passage of tropical storm ‘Gonzalo’, which moves through the Caribbean Sea, following up on the forecasts of the Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center (CIOH) of the Colombian General Maritime Directorate (Dimar).

“We must work this operation with the best meteorological conditions and if the storm ‘Gonzalo’ were to have a very strong interference in the waves or winds, it could delay the rescue operation for at least 24 hours,” said José Curvelo, director of  Ports Affairs of the Barranquilla District.

He indicated that a calm sea without waves or strong winds or currents is required, which are considered “ideal conditions” for this maneuver.

“To the extent that the storm ‘Gonzalo’ does not force us to make any changes, I think that the rescue operation will be carried out between Wednesday and Thursday”, he added.

The Nordic Wolverine ran aground since last Sunday in a corner of the western cutwater in Bocas de Ceniza, when it tried to enter the port area of ​​Barranquilla from the port of Cartagena.

It is currently on a rocky bottom and therefore for its rescue or salvage a special operation is required, which involves refloating the ship to take it to a second site where it is repaired. Normally in a grounding on a soft ground such as sediment or sand trailers are used to pull the boat, but in this case it does not apply, since the stones could affect the hull.

In addition, the operation involves some risk since the Nordic Wolverine is a tanker that transports nine types of chemical products, so there is a risk of contamination in the event of a breakdown. This leads to permanent monitoring of the conditions of the storage tanks, which were not affected during the grounding.

Reaction base

The port captain, Carlos Urbano, reported that an immediate reaction base was installed near the site of the Nordic Wolverine ship.

He explained that the maritime authority continues to carry out controls, verifications and monitoring of the conditions of the ship in coordination with other port authorities of Barranquilla and the Atlantic.

Yesterday afternoon, a verification was made of the security protocols and the containment barriers in the area and the personnel on board who carry out the controls on the affected areas.

“The different protocols that are necessary for preparing the rescue maneuver once the boat arrives are also being developed,” said the captain.
The tug Ocean Sky, which sailed from Miami, is expected to arrive at the Port of Barranquilla this weekend, which transports the complementary equipment that will be used to carry out the rescue operation and the refloating of the vessel.

“In the area we already have two tugs that are specifically for verification and assistance in case it is required,” said the captain. One of the tugs is from the Barranquilla jurisdiction and the other from Santa Marta.

“All these activities are carried out by the maritime authority from the 24-hour maritime traffic station,” he added.

The director of Port Affairs of the District said that since last Thursday dredging began in the access channel in the area of ​​kilometer 7 and in Bocas de Ceniza.

The dredging in Bocas de Ceniza seeks to expand the width of the navigable channel, which will allow the maneuvers required for salvage to be carried out without affecting the operation of the Port.

“It is necessary to highlight the commitment of the Port Authority of Barranquilla with the city and the port sector, because with this stranding event to this day the itineraries of the port have been met and there have been no delays or mobilization cargo to other ports, “he said.

The Port Captain said that the rescue will be carried out with all the physical and environmental security protocols to minimize the risk.



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