Sail Cartagena Colombia 2022

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A majestic nautical stop, Sail Cartagena 2022 officially began, an event that brings together sailing enthusiasts, who will be able to enjoy the entire tradition of the sea. Until May 26, people in Cartagena and tourists will be able to visit the training sailboats of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay for free, according to el Espectador.

Starting on Sunday, May 22, the Colombian Navy opened for the first time the doors of its Logistics Naval Base No.1 ARC “Bolívar” through the Marine Infantry Battalion No.12, located in the Bocagrande sector, so that Cartagenans and tourists visit the sailboats of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay for free, learning more about the cultures and seafaring traditions of these sister Nations. The visiting hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

21 cannon shots marked the beginning of the great naval parade that began in the morning hours of last Sunday, May 22, and brought us the main guest the distinguished Ship Admiral “Juan Bautista Cambiazo” from the Dominican Republic, followed by the ROU “Capitán Miranda” from Uruguay, escorted by the majestic “Cisne Branco” from Brazil, the “Cuauhtémoc” from Mexico, the ARC “Gloria” and closing our ship ARC “20 de Julio”.

This event opens the eighth port to which the sailboats that make up the Velas Latinoamérica 2022 will arrive and will continue on May 26 to Santo Domingo, followed by Curacao, to finish in Veracruz in Mexico.

The bay received the maritime community in front of the dock of the Logistics Naval Base No.1 ARC “Bolívar” to enjoy a festival in which international artists will perform.

The heroic city was adorned with the sporting event “Acuatlón Velas Latinoamérica 2022” held in the Marine Infantry Battalion No.12, which received great athletes who love the sea and sails, as well as the crew members of the five participating ships from Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Uruguay, who gathered within the Sail Cartagena 2022 in order to live a competitive day and a lot of effort with the most beautiful boats in Latin America anchored in the inner bay of Cartagena.

Likewise, at the facilities of the “Almirante Padilla” Naval Cadet School, the crews of the ships attending Sail Cartagena 2022 enjoyed a series of sporting events that put their esprit de corps and high physical conditioning to the test, while at the same time water sports in a majestic regatta with massive participation of the city’s maritime guild.

The main pier of the Logistics Naval Base No.1 ARC “Bolívar” was dressed in white to start a military ceremony with the participation of the crews before the eyes of the public who have witnessed the events of the Sail. Immediately afterward, a military parade was held that toured the streets of the walled city, in which discipline and mysticism were demonstrated, representing with honor the flag of each country in the stone corralito.

Likewise, the love for the sea and sails united the Cartagena sailing association, with the crews of the ships that participate in the most important sailing festival in Latin America, in a regatta at the city’s Fishing Club.

The sailing competition, which takes place traditionally every Saturday, this time was moved to this Sunday to integrate Latin American sailors with the crews of 13 sailboats, including four from the “Almirante Padilla” Naval School of Cadets.

The opening ceremony of this regatta was presided over by Rear Admiral Javier Jaimes Pinilla, director of the “Almirante Padilla” Naval School of Cadets, who thanked them for participating in the nautical event and added that “the Sail is not only from the navy, it is of the city of Cartagena.

For two hours, the sailboats sailed a stipulated circuit in the Inner Bay of Cartagena, grouped into three categories as follows: category “less than one”; “one and more cruise” category, and “one and more regatta” category.

A true festival of the sea, of integration and camaraderie, which adorned the bay of Cartagena with its colorful sails, while the foreign sailboats and the ARC ship “Gloria” are docked at the dock of the Naval Base ARC “Bolívar” receiving the visit of locals and tourists.

The Colombian Navy extends the invitation to the entire maritime community to live this experience and learn about the maritime cultures and traditions of the participating ships in this Sail Cartagena 2022, which is a stage to promote the capital of Bolívar as a tourist destination and unique nautical in America and the Caribbean, promoting its gastronomic, natural, cultural wealth, biodiversity and Colombian flavor.

Source El Espectador

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