Piracy incident in Ecuador waters

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The Singapore-flagged container ship owned by the Danish giant, Maersk Newbury, was boarded by pirates in the exclusive economic zone of Ecuador. The perpetrators entered the ship while it was traveling under the pilot command in the Guayaquil river on October 2, 2018. The piracy incident in Ecuador waters is the second this year.

The captain alerted local authorities when he saw the presence of unauthorized persons on board, said Asian piracy regulator ReCAAP ICC.

One of the crew members was assaulted by the perpetrators and suffered a small cut on the forehead. The crew managed to escape and hide in the grocery store.

After the perpetrators realized they had been discovered, they abandoned the 2,556 TEU ship.

The Coast Guard of Ecuador (ECG) conducted a search and found no perpetrators on board. The injured crew received first aid treatment, and the ship continued its journey.

There were no injuries to the remaining crew members and no items were stolen, ReCAAP added.

The ship built in South Korea in 2001 and makes trips on the west coast of South America.

Formerly known as Caroline Schulte, the ship was also attacked by pirates in October 2006, according to information provided by VesselsValue. At that time, eight thieves arrived next to the ship, on the port side, and a thief boarded, while the ship was anchored in the South Atlantic Ocean. After the alarm was raised the pirates escaped.

In february 25th 2018, the Duty AB able seaman on routine rounds onboard an anchored container ship was confronted by five robbers on the aft deck. One robber, with a gun was seen near the entrance to the steering gear room. The seaman immediately retreated and informed the Duty Officer. Alarm raised and port control notified. A coast guard boat was sent to the vessel. All crew safe. Nothing reported stolen.

Source World Maritime News Real Clear Life

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