MOL launches maritime safety training videos

MOL VR Education Maritime Safety

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. MOL, announced the launch of 2 new marine safety education videos, “cargo falling from cranes” and “fire response on board”, to its Google Mariner Safety Education tool, which uses virtual reality technology (VR) created by Tsumiki Seisaku. Co., Ltd is the most inclusive non-rival way to train seafarers who are vulnerable to these imminent dangers.

The tool improves the risk perception of seafarers by visualizing and experiencing virtually on-board accidents represented with advanced computer graphics * that can occur due to unsafe behavior. in these you can review the accident from another point of view.

The content of the training programs also specifies safety measures to prevent the accident and increase the awareness of seafarers about ways to solve problems safely. Since the introduction of the VR training system in 2017, MOL takes full advantage of the portability of VR goggles to disseminate the VR training session on “prevention of accidental falls” to ship and ship management companies in all the world.

MOL added 2 training sessions after a survey on work accidents that can be effectively transmitted using visuals and virtual reality glasses. MOL continues to develop additional content to improve the effectiveness of its on-board education programs, with the aim of maximizing safety awareness among seafarers and achieving the goal of zero work-related accidents.

MOL aims for safe and stable cargo transport by combining the visual experience needs of seafarers in the face of on-board safety and technology seeds that will make the company the world leader in safe operations.

*MOL has worked on the use of VR technology with computer graphics and live video for different purposes such as events on the simulation of accidents on board that can expose mariners to significant risks if they experience them.

Video cortesía del canal de youtube de MOL

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