Maersk closes container factory in CHILE


There are widespread frustrations among the 1,200 employees at the Maersk Container Industry factory after losing their jobs in Chile, after the decision to close the facility only three years after its launch with government support. The union representatives stated that they were not aware of the decision of the multinational.

Maersk (Maersk Container Industry), in an additional effort to reduce costs, will consolidate the construction of containers in China. “After a careful review, we conclude that the consolidation of the activities in a single plant will provide a strengthened capacity utilization and a simpler cost structure” Sean Fitzgerald – CEO of Maersk Container Industry. He also added that “The harsh reality is that to be competitive today we need to adapt our operations constantly,” said Fitzgerald. “The fundamental factors of the market have changed and we must also grow with the market.” Maersk will move manufacturing to one of its two facilities in China and will maintain a research and development center in Denmark.

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