Inactive fleet of ships remains stable in the month of December

Dry dock

The inactive world fleet remains stable during the month of December. The only changes were; a slight increase in the capacity of the fleet in dry dock and a slight drop in inactive tonnage.

During the last two weeks there has only been a drop of 1 ships in the inactive fleet, represented by 11,853 teu out of a total of 1,372,975 teu, according to Alphaliner. However, according to the maritime transport analyst, this represents 5.3% of the total containerized cellular fleet as of December 5 of this year.

There was a reduction in fleet capacity from 5,100 to 12,500 teu and the sub-2,000 teu class leveled in number with additions to the 12,5000+ teu fleet.

The largest proportion of inactive ships is in dry docks with an entry of 49,930 for repairs bringing the total to 854,309 teu. Weigh the drop in number of ships by one unit to 177 ships.

Ships undergoing repair, maintenance or conversion represent 62% of idle fleet capacity, an increase from the 585% reported at the end of November.

In contrast, the inactive commercial fleet fell from 42% to 38% in the last fortnight. It showed a decrease of 9 units and 38,077 teu, remaining in 84 ships and a total of 527.66 teu, says Alphaliner.

Regarding the inactive commercial fleet controlled by shipping lines, it fell by 2 ships that represented 26,480 to end in a total of 67 ships with a capacity of 495,022 teu.

Finally, vessels controlled by non-operating owners (NOO), stood at 17 units and 32,644 teu, which represents only 6% of idle capacity. NOO’s idle tonnage has been reduced by seven ships and 11,597 TEU in capacity over the last fortnight, Alphaliner reports.

Source: Alphaliner

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